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Therapy for Adults and Adolescents in New York City and Westchester

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917-318-4001 30 West 70th St #1A-3 New York 14 Harwood Ct., Scarsdale

Welcome to my practice. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with an office on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and in Scarsdale, NY.  I have over 15 years of experience working with adolescents and adults.

We all experience difficult times in our lives, whether it as an emotional struggle that feels out of our control, a disruptive life event, or just difficulty understanding ourselves. Therapy offers a safe environment to help us explore our feelings, understand our motivations, and create lasting changes in our lives to help us get unstuck.

As a therapist, I aspire to create an atmosphere that feels safe, warm and open. My style is collaborative and active and I offer plenty of feedback with an open, curious, and non-judgmental stance.  I help individuals identify recurring patterns in their lives and offer useful tools to manage life situations more effectively.