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Are you thinking of starting a family or trying to conceive, but feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Are you pregnant or a new mother, but feeling excessively worried about your pregnancy or new baby? Do you feel sad or depressed or have worries about being an adequate mother? Are you coping with pregnancy loss and feel alone and unsure of your next step? Whatever individual struggle you may be encountering on your path to parenthood, you may be searching for a way to cope with some of your distress and move forward.

While pregnancy and new motherhood can be times of great joy, they also often come along with more complicated feelings that we may feel unprepared for and unequipped to handle effectively.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a speciality in maternal mental health. My goal in therapy is to help you develop the confidence and coping ability to manage the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood with joy and fulfillment.

I am certified in Maternal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International and am a member of the Women’s Mental Health Consortium, Postpartum Support International, and the American Psychological Association. 

Pregnancy therapy for new mothers and experienced mothers

If you are pregnant or planning to expand your family, therapy can help you to prepare for the personal and professional changes that accompany new parenthood.

If you are already a mother, you may find therapy helpful in supporting you through the same challenges you faced with your last pregnancy, with the aim of a better outcome.

I will work with you to set better, realistic expectations, let go of things that didn’t go well previously, manage fears of the unknown, and strengthen your relationship with your spouse and children.

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You can make your experience better and embrace life’s challenges. I will work with you to create a therapy program that will focus on your personal goals and values.

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