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I believe that you have the potential to lead a fulfilling life. I am here to support you in working towards your goals in a warm and open atmosphere.

Dr. Shira Danzig, clinical psychologist in Lincoln Square, NYCIt takes courage to reach out. Acknowledging the struggle is the first step to fixing whatever it is that you’re battling.

Welcome to my practice. I am a clinical psychologist in Lincoln Square.

I will try my best to provide you with:

• Honest and empathetic feedback.
• Support and guidance.
• A personalized combination of therapy techniques, uniquely matched to your needs and circumstances
• Practical solutions that can work long-term.

Therapy sessions will be a source of empathy, acceptance, and support. Click here to read more about my therapy practice.

Evening appointments are available, as are home visits for pre- and postpartum women.

I am available for consultations to schools, organizations, and religious institutions.

To find out more, you can fill out the contact form or give me a call.

Click below to learn more about:

Depression, infertility, dating difficulties, pregnancy and postpartum help, and work-related anxiety.

Choose to create change in your life. Start healing.

Help for women

Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy support

Coping with infertility and stress

Manage Stress

Decision-making that feels right

Getting better sleep

Keeping intrusive thoughts in check

Get Ahead

Building closer relationships

Career success and work/life balance

Navigating big changes with ease