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Are you unhappy at work?

Are you bored or unhappy at work? If you are at the beginning of your career, choosing from the many paths that you could take can be daunting. In therapy with me, you can get help selecting which path is correct for you.

Why am I unhappy at work?

Newcomers to the job market have to work very hard to establish themselves. Young professionals everywhere face increasing demands for higher education to make it in the job market, and face greater challenges in establishing a small business.

Taking the time to work on yourself and receive some personalized guidance at an early stage can help you to get a step up in your career.

Are you unsure if you want to stay in your current position? Do you have a job but hate the work or your boss? Therapy can help you to look inside yourself and guide you as you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from making progress in your career. I offer counseling for young professionals in Manhattan.

Access your professional career identity

Career-related therapy can help you to access and identify your personal ambitions, talents, and skills. Once you have identified and resolved the issues that have held you back, you will be able to build a vision of the future that you wish to attain. You will be able to take the steps to achieve your goals.

If you are not fulfilled with the work that you are are doing, therapy can help you to build the confidence to apply for a promotion or education, assert yourself with coworkers, or plan a change in your career path.

Career anxiety

If your career situation is bringing up old anxiety, depression, or stress that is making it harder for you to function, there is hope. Reach out for help.

Get help today

You don’t have to feel trapped in your current career. If your work situation is making you unhappy or miserable, we can work together to get at the underlying issues. I provide therapy for young professionals in Manhattan.

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